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GCSE AS/A2 Level British curiculum


SAIOI is providing GCSE for Arabic Learning at affordable prices when compared to other such teaching platforms. “GCSE,” most commonly known as The General Certificate of Secondary Education in England, Northern Island, and Wales is an essential course for the student of Native Arabs. It is signified as the quality education that the students must acquire. The Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) in Arabic has been specifically established to assist students with all kinds of abilities and progress developments via culturally engaging content.

What do we offer?

At SAIOI you will be provided complete guidance and assistance along with our 24/7 website support. Other than that, we have a qualified and certified team of efficient teachers that will be assigned to you as soon as you register for GCSE.

You will be given a plan for your entire curriculum to scheduling your other plans accordingly during this time span. You can revise it before the exam at your convenience too as our teachers will give you proper guidance about how to answer the questions accurately and attain the highest marks of all.

We strongly suggest you get a firm grip on your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills as it will help you a lot during the course of time. Apart from that, our student support is available 24/7 on the website, so you can ask anything at any relevant hour and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

What will you learn in this course?

While studying the GCSE course, you will get to learn the Arabic language on the basis of the Edexcel GCSE Syllabus "Intermediate Level." It will also include the polishing of your speaking skills as you'll be asked to speak about yourself, your family and your daily routine, etc. Alongside speaking skills, it will also help you learn new vocabulary and reading, writing, and listening skills.

If in any case, you haven't studied Arabic before, then it might get a little difficult for you to understand the book that we'll be teaching because it is of intermediate level. However, you can always opt for a program that comes before GCSE such as by studying books like The beginner’s Arabic Companion and The Pre-GCSE Arabic Companion.

As for the matter of course and structure of your course, you will mainly be taught about topics that include information about Arabic art, culture, and politics. Our teachers are well experienced to you teach you how to read fluently like a native Arab. At the end of the course, you will be skilled enough to translate Arabic to English and English to Arabic without any exterior help from your superiors or the internet. Our teachers will train you and guide you perfectly to listen with the help of relevant activities. It will help you understand Arabic better when spoken to you. Thus, you should not miss this affordable chance of enrolling in the course!

Training and Revision for Exams

After every session, we'll provide revision tasks to students as a kind of feedback to observe their level of understanding from the class and lecture. Also, our team has a set of rules and designs to revise the previous exams with the students to train them well enough so they can pass the current exam much easier.

What is the Structure of the GCSE course?

We are currently using the New GCSE Arabic Companion as it is quite suitable for KS3 and ranges up to students of KS4 too, which is an intermediate level (Ranges from 1-9)

A Level

You have two choices in A level as it comprises of “AS Level and A2 Level.” Continue reading to know more about these levels:

You can always opt for AS Level to sit in a test for the first year and then begin with the second year with A2 Level.

You can study AS/A2 Level in a period of 2 years and then opt for an exam in AS/A2.

GCE Level 3 comprises reading, writing, and listening. Students must complete all three assessments by May/June in any one year to qualify for their exam.

Our major aim is to let the languages reach students through our platform because we are well aware that it appeals to them. Our latest Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Arabic (listening, writing, and reading) and has been developed to work as a source of inspiration for all the students out there. We want them to appreciate the language, film, literature, and culture of the Arab world.

We have often heard about the feedbacks from different language communities such as subject associations, advisors and academics, etc. Thus, we ended up designing an inspiring course of study that will allow all the students to establish and advance knowledge and understanding of the Arabic language alongside the culture of the Arabic-speaking world. It will also assist students in developing practical, valuable language and transferable study skills. This overall specification will be beneficial for these students in the long term as they will be well-prepared for higher education and it will enhance their employability profile as well.

What are the major themes that revolve around this level?

There are four major themes as given below:

First Theme: Changes in the Arab Society

Second Theme: Artistic Culture in the Arab World

Third Theme: Work and Citizenship in the Arab World

Fourth Theme: Political Culture in the Arab World

This is all you should know about GCSE. So, do not wait any longer because the enrollment at affordable rates might end at any moment reaching back to the surge price! We know that you don't want to miss this amazing chance. Come and learn with SAIOI to get the most out of it.

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