Ramadan Discount Offers

Ramadan Offers! Quran & Arabic Course

SAIOI started 10 years ago to promote Arabic Language and to facilitate Arabic Learning among Non-Arabic Speaking People. Arabic is a rich language, with very dynamic grammatical structure and centuries long cultural heritage! Our mission is to promote the Arabic language to facilitate effective communication and improved understanding of the Arab Culture and Civilisation across the Globe.


Saioi is the platform that offers Arabic learning and Quranic Learning from past 10 years all around the globe. In this Ramadan we would like to offer 10% Discount to all new enrollements at SAIOI, and 5% additional discount to each and every referral.


We are also introducing one month short programs to make this blessed month of Ramadan special for you. Get closer to Allah this month and start learning meaning of Ayas , Tajweed Rules, Fiqh Learning, Prayer meaning, proper Wudu. Register with us now and learn Islam.

RamadanProgramat SAIOI

Are you ready for the month of Ramadan, what about your kids are they ready for the month of Ramadan? Don’t worry This program for you and for your kids to bring our hearts and our mind and to make our lives full of faith and happiness. So our institute SAIOI would like you to take advantage of this most wonderful program and Now we are going to let you know the details of our Ramadan Program.

Our Ramadan special program consists from 3 programs; you can register three programs together or you can choose only one of the three programs.

Ramadan Courses

Learn Quran
Learn Sunnah
Prophet Stories

See Below!

Learn Quran

First program you can learn read Quran correctly with our skilled teachers don’t waste your time book your trial and the teacher will measure your level then during the Month of Ramadan if you can’t read Quran correctly recitation you will be able to read the holy book correct with basic Tajweed, if you want to teach your kids Quran and connect them heart by Quran this course Is the suitable.

Learn Sunnah

You and your kids will be able to know the sunnan for fasting & zakat & prayer & ablution & Azkar & Akhlaq & Ebadat & ‘Eid Alfitr. Learn to become super powerful Muslim & Muslima

Prophet Stories

You and your kids will study prophet stories (Adam & Idris & Hud)
The full duration of the three programs is one month and the study is 6 days a week and every class is half an hour and 24 class a month but if you want one program you can choose one or two as you like.


Why do you have to join this program?

We will give you a plan to follow the good deeds during Ramadan

Our classes with skilled teachers

Our classes one- to one and live via zoom

At the end of the program, we will give you a certificate of attendance from our institute


One to One CLass

6 classes a week – 24 classes a month each class 30 Minutes = 85 USD instead of 170 USD.

Group CLass

6 classes a week – 24 classes a month each class 30 Minutes = 60 USD instead of 120 USD each student.


Families will get very good discount.

When you recommend your friends and relatives you will have a very good gift.

When you finish this course, you will get certificate approved that you attended this course. (Free certificate).

You can complete this course if you want with same price for ever.

Don’t wait till next Ramadan to build a powerful relationship with our creator.

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