Easy Ways to Learn Arabic

Foreigners find it too challenging to learn the Arabic language. It is known as a global language because it is spoken as an official language in 27 countries of the world and a minority language in 6 others, hence its importance.

Arabic is a macro language, and it should be learned by every Muslim man to get closer to Allah and his Holy Book Quran. This language makes you stand out amongst thousands of others in the western world and makes you look more sophisticated than others.

It would help if you learned Arabic in order to speak and write and understand what others say in this language. This is why we are writing this article for you to make a better understanding of this language in a relatively more natural way.

The initial step to learn any language of the world is to determine its letters and alphabet, then make words with it and later sentences. Writing Arabic is much more complicated than speaking; therefore, you need to have an intense concentration upon every alphabet to avoid any mistakes. You can quickly sign up for some Arabic Learning Program Online by paying a certain fee, or few apps offer an Arabic Learning course for free.

When you get a grip in writing and reading, then your pronunciation will grow stronger, and you’ll sound them out effortlessly with utter ease. You can also hire a Native Arab Teacher for Arabic Learning because hearing the pronunciation of a Native Arab will give you the best sounds of a word and you’ll develop a good accent by always understanding them reading out to you. Several people work as Arabic Language Tutors at Home to give you ease in learning this language.

Secure method to learn Arabic

The Arabic language has a list of words that would be new to your vocabulary, and you’ll be learning it for the very first time. Therefore you need to stay positive about the subject, mood, and tense of the sentence to convey your message correctly. An Arabic Learning Program Online teaches a child about the verb patterns, vocalizations for active and passive voices and other technical language-related things. It requires all your hard work and dedication to learn is language in lesser time.

1. Decide the type of Arabic you’d like to learn

As we’ve mentioned above that 27 countries use Arabic as their official language, then you need to decide which country you would choose concerning the tone and accent of the Arabic literature? If you want to learn Arabic in a particular African area, then you must focus on their local pronunciation. In contrast, if you are interested in the Arabic of Saudi Arabia, then you can opt for an Arabic language tutor at home. A Native Arab teacher for Arabic learning suits entirely for this job.

2. Start learning the basics

Quran is your best guide for understanding the Arabic language in a better manner. Keep reading it to develop a following in your reading. It is suggested to start learning with necessary alphabets and letters and then move forward.

3. Use a dictionary

To understand any problematic word, you can make use of an Arabic dictionary or seek help from your Arabic Language tutor at home. You can also find its pronunciation in the dictionary. You’ll enjoy this task as you’ll get better in understanding a dictionary.

4. Keep Practicing

As we say that practice makes a man perfect, the same applies to learn Arabic. It would help if you made your children watch Arabic cartoons or television programs, so they keep hearing this language and understand some essential words.

You can practice better while speaking in this language. Seeing, hearing, and speaking is all that is required to learn this language efficiently and quickly.

5. Basic Arabic Words

Some essential words that might be beneficial for you at the early stage of learning Arabic are listed as follows:

  • Ahlan wa sahlan meaning “welcome”.
  • Marhaba is said as a natural response to hello.
  • Kayfa Halak means “how are you” asked by a man whereas a woman asks kayfa Halik.