Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about
Online Arabic Learning !

Learn Arabic from Experts at SAIOI

Comfy Schedule

We offer convenient scheduling seven days a week.

Helping Center

We help people having any question related to arabic learning or Islam

Quality Service

We offer quality education of Arabic at an affoardable Price.

No Travelling

You dont need to visit any place to learn arabic we are 100% Online

Yes, you can choose the gender of your teacher.

You can choose the time and day you prefer.

By credit/ debit card, bank transfer, pay pal, Money Gram or western union.

No, but you must inform the administration before your vacation.

Yes, will change the teacher once you inform the administration about the reasons for the change.

Our Regular Assessments will help you in determining the improvements you are making and what you need to work on.

Yes, but you must inform the administration.

If you don’t inform the administration before the class, it will count. However if you inform in advance, it will be rescheduled.

First, contact us to have your free trial class. Then you can choose the plan and price that suits you he best and inform the administration to confirm the reservation.

The teachers at SAIOI are highly experienced and follow the standards of the best Arabic teaching institutes.

We have a 100% refund for someone who is not at all satisfied with the teaching style here.

Yes, we will provide you with all needed books materials.
Of course, After passing the exam, you will have a certification.

The teacher will wait for half the duration of the class. After that, the lecture will be cancelled.

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The school offers the following services for Teenage first-time drivers, new adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses.