Our Quran Teachers

Our Quran Teachers

Teachers and Trainers at SAIOI are selected after very serious interviews and profile check. We make sure that our staff has high professional values, and they can bring peace and prosperity to our working environment. Our work runs with Allah’s blessings because we are here to spread his message and continue working in accordance with the Hadees by Prophet SAW, which explains that one should learn Quran and teach it to others as well. Therefore, it is our duty to keep spreading the name and message of Allah to every corner of the world till the last day of this world. Also, there’s an Ayat that says:

“Seeking of knowledge is a duty of every Muslim.”

SAIOI its services to the whole world out there so that every Muslim can grab this opportunity of seeking knowledge from the Quran. We cater to our services to not only Muslims but those who are curious about Islam. We’ll teach you the basics and deeper meanings of the Hadiths and Ayats. Therefore, if you even think that you’re not a good Muslim, you should stop thinking. Register yourself at SAIOI to rebuild and prosper your relationship with Allah.

Why should you choose our teachers?

It is not always possible to find the best Quran teacher near your house, and in this case, your child suffers by missing out on important lessons. Your child must not wait for his childhood while waiting for the teacher because the SAIOI is bringing teachers to your own home through its online teaching services. It would help if you didn’t take stress or your child to suffer due to a lack of resources in your area. Therefore, to save your far off travel expenses, we have brought in the idea of Online Quran classes. You can choose the time by yourself because we have different teachers available for different time slots.

Our teachers are highly educated and skilled with a lot of extra knowledge about Islamic studies. They will share their knowledge in the online classes to educate you while you sit back comfortably at your home.

Our teachers are also very well skilled in dealing with the parents and children in times of emergency or while facing a problematic situation. Therefore, if you have any complaint regarding the teaching style or anything else regarding the online lessons or class environment, you can call our customer care anytime to lodge your complaint. We will look into it and solve it as soon as possible for you.

A Quran teacher has a great position in Islam’s religion because these teachers are helping the religion grow by expanding knowledge about Allah and his book. Earlier, this responsibility was handed over to the prophets and the angels. Still, after Hazrat Muhammad SAW, the entire Muslim Ummah is responsible for spreading Allah and Islam’s message.

Our Quran teachers acquire all the main qualities that a trainer must-have. We have separate teachers for both male and female students, and it is a great honor for us to achieve this goal in this very short period. Our teachers are punctual, and they practice what they preach in their daily lives; therefore, they become a living example for their students who can take them as a role model and follow him to learn some basic tasks and gain profound knowledge.

We also make sure to look into our trainers’ qualifications before hiring them at our Online Institute. Below are some of the important qualifications for our teachers to apply at SAIOI:

  • 01. Must be a graduate from the verified and well-known University.
  • 02. Must know Tajweed, can be a Hafiz, Alim or Qari.
  • 03. Must have prior experience in conducting online classes.
  • 04. Must have phenomenal teaching skills.

Along with these skills, we still save the documentations of our teachers for security purposes. Therefore, you and your children are in safe hands at SAIOI.

Female Teachers

At SAIOI you do not have to rethink a query because we think the best for your privacy and well-being. We allot sessions and teachers according to student’s comfort. For instance, if you’re a female, we would provide you with the perfect female Quran teacher who has a lot of knowledge about Islam and can be your mentor in your path of connecting with Allah.

Female teachers turn out to be a huge support for young girls and we assure you that our teachers are extremely friendly and hardworking. They will put all their energy into practicing the lesson during your online session. Whereas, on the other hand, if you ever need her to provide you guidance at any point of your life, she’ll be guiding you on the basis of Islam and morals. So, my respected women, you do not have to get scared about online Quran teaching. We know the message of Islam and we practice it in our work too. Therefore, we have male teachers for boys and female teachers for girls.

Women can learn online Quran with our highly skilled female teachers who are well aware of all the Tarteel and Tajweed rules. We can also choose teachers as per your native country so that it can be easier for you to communicate with them. Daughters and sisters can take online Quran classes with English, Urdu, Arabic, or Hindi speaking teachers. Also, you do not have to worry about punctuality or missing lessons, because our teachers are punctual and dedicated. They have been trained well to conduct online classes in all the circumstances. We make sure to deliver our lessons in an interesting manner to grab the attention of our students.

We aim for the students to learn Quran with interest. Their interest will help them understand all the basic and minute points that have been told in the religion. You can register yourself for our one-time trial online class to understand how our female teachers conduct online Quran sessions at SAIOI. Once you’re contented with our teaching style, you can register yourself with our regular sessions. The choice of time totally depends upon your ease, because our student’s comfort matters the most. So, select the time slot according to your availability and get ready to become educated with Islamic knowledge that may change your life.

Many females who are from Asian countries, choose Urdu or Arabic for taking online classes and we have teachers who are multilingual too. They can speak more than one language at a time to converse with students from various countries. Our female teachers will teach you how to read and understand the message of Allah that underlies in the book known as Quran Majeed. If you are ready to take online classes for Quran then there is no better platform than SAIOI.

What qualities do our Female teachers possess?
  • 1. Well educated and certified in Quran memorization and Tajweed.
  • 2. Extremely fluent English speakers.
  • 3. Very good at speaking and teaching Arabic.
  • 4. Language and communication skills are phenomenal.
  • 5. Graduated from well-known and reputed universities in the world
  • 6. Izajah Certified female teachers from Egypt.

We have tried our best to skim and choose the best staff for you all and we are confident that these hardworking women will educate you and guide you about the correct path as suggested to us by our religion. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you’re drawn away from Islam because with the grace of Allah you’ll get back on track soon with our help and your dedication.

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