Apart from the basic Tajweed learning course, SAIOI also offers beginners a course where they can start learning Noorani Qaida to set their base. Noorani Qaida is the initial step that one must complete to memorize and recap the Quran. It is a thin booklet consisting of Arabic letters and words that must be learned and pronounced well to read whole length sentences in the future. We have very friendly and skilled teachers, and they know how to convey their message and lesson on an online platform. If you or your child have any queries regarding the reading of Noorani Qaida, our professional teachers will resolve your issues as soon as possible. Our Online Class environment is also ideal as it is disciplined and well-mannered, just like any other physical classroom. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your child, not getting the proper Islamic surrounding at home.

Why is Noorani Qaida Important?

You should never let your child skip Noorani Qaida because it helps them read the Holy Quran with Tajweed fluently and effortlessly. While learning the Noorani Qaida, students are taught about the main rules of Tajweed. People from all over the world use this Noorani Qaida and follow it as a base for learning the Quran. It is the traditional method that is being followed for years, mainly in India and Pakistan. This classical method is being followed in mosques and madrassas in both Arab and Non-Arab countries to teach children how to read the Holy Quran with proper guidelines. Molvi Noor Muhammad Ludhyanvi in India first compiled Noorani Qaida. He was a great scholar, and it was his contribution to Tajweed that made Quran learning easier for both kids and adults.


SAIOI has been teaching kids about this Noorani Qaida for years, and we believe that it sets a perfect base for all the children/students who are willing to learn the Quran. Once a student finishes his Noorani Qaida, he gets a strong grip on the Quran’s Arabic language. Now, his further education and learning of the Quran will depend on the pace that he has developed during his learning period. Every individual recites the Quran at their own pace. We’ve heard Hafiz, and they recite it fluently with correct tajweed very quickly; however, a random Quran reader cannot recite it at the same speed. The initial learning of Noorani Qaida includes the correct pronunciation of words and alphabets and end up reading the verses with fluent Arabic.

What is the ultimate outline for learning a Noorani Qaida?
  • Correct Pronunciation of Arabic Alphabets
  • Consonants
  • Harakat (Short Vowels)
  • Huroof Maddah (Long Vowels)
  • Tanween
  • Huroof Leenah (Soft Vowels)
  • Noon Sakinah and Tanween
  • Rules of Raa
  • Noon Qutni
  • Proper pausing and stopping (Rules of Waqf)