Do you know that Quran reading is a skill that everyone is not aware of? It needs proper guidance and education for reading Quran with correct rules and Tajweed. Many mobile apps offer Quran translations, but you do not get a chance to improve your reading skills on such platforms.

Quran Reading with Tajweed

At SAIOI, we have online sessions where are teachers are specifically there to listen to you while you read the Quran. They will correct you wherever you go wrong with the pronunciation or Tajweed. Some people do not know the rules of Tajweed. Hence they read it normally, but it is important to read the Quran with proper tajweed because it is preserved in this manner. Reading it in a different manner, often alters the meaning of the text.

The beauty of the Arabic words written in the Quran is preserved, and the only Tajweed can do justice to it. This is why we emphasize our students to take the Tajweed course before learning to read the Quran. When a person reads the Quran with the correct pronunciation, the perfect meanings are produced. Therefore, every Muslim child and adult must learn and read Quran with Tajweed.

The very first step for reading Quran with Tajweed is to take a beginner’s course for Learning Noorani Qaida Online. Our teachers will help you learn it by teaching all the important rules that you must know before proceeding forward. After completing this course, your child will be skilled to read Quranic verses with tajweed unintentionally. It is better to teach your child in his early developing stage because the things learned at this age remains in their mind forever. You’ll eventually see your 4-7 years child reading Quran with Tajweed without knowing its main rules. Hence, if you want your child to read the Quran accurately, you must enroll him in the first course to learn basics because he cannot directly read the Quran without knowing about it.

SAIOI offers various courses for all types of students, males, females, kids or adults. We have well-designed courses at affordable prices for everyone. It will help them to learn and read Quran fluently while sitting comfortably at their home at their required timings. Our Tajweed courses are for every age and gender because we want you all to learn the best from the best.

Quran Reading

Why are Quran Reading Classes important?

Many Muslims believe that they can listen to their children while reading the Quran, whereas they are not aware of the basic rules themselves. You need to know everything before becoming a teacher. Therefore, we would advise you not to become a teacher without the knowledge and enroll your child at SAIOI so that he gets the best environment and teachers who will correct them and guide them whenever and wherever it will be required.

Quran Reading Online Trial Classes

We offer free trial classes for those who want to get into these sessions but are unsure. You can try these one time trials and see how our teachers educate students. You’ll be impressed with our methods for sure. You can select a time slot of your own choice and sit back comfortably at your home to enjoy online classes with utter ease.

With our talented teachers’ help, you’ll be skilled enough to read Quran with tajweed after taking this online course. You can contact us to know more about each course’s timings and fee structure because it varies accordingly. We hope that you have good time learning with our talented staff at SAIOI.