Egyptian Colloquial

Egyptian Arabic is one of the most widely studied and understood variety of Arabic because of the prominence of Egyptian Media and Films in the Arab World. This course follows the teaching standards of the top universities and you will be able to communicate and understand the Egyptian dialect by the end of this course. [···]

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Conversational Arabic

Conversational Arabic course will provide you the opportunity to interact directly with the teacher. The three levels of this course will familiarise you with daily use expressions through topics you will deal as part of your daily life, in social circles and while doing various activities. You will get to listen to various topics and discuss them with the teacher. Writing Articles, Stories and Letters are also part of this module. [···]

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Islamic/Quranic Studies

The Islamic knowledge that every student of religion must have is part of this course as it covers the the basic knowledge of the Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Logic, Philosophy and Belief. This Islamic studies course is designed specifically keeping in mind the need of the students of Religion, and covers most of the beneficial Islamic knowledge! [···]

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Business Arabic

This Business Arabic course is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Arabic Language. The program will enable the students to effectively communicate in the Arab World. The basic communication skills developed through real life situations will help felicitate the communication process in any business. [···]

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Classical Standard Arabic

Arabic is the language of the Quran and it is not possible to fully understand and comprehend many of the concepts without an appreciation of the Arabic Language. Classical Arabic has remained unchanged for more than 1400 years unlike most languages that become unrecognisable after a few centuries. Learning the language will illuminate your heart [···]

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MS Arabic For Kids

The requirement of Children and Adults are different and at SAIOI we acknowledge the difference. This course entertains the students, involves them, and ensures that they learn the language while having as much fun as possible. This course will take your child to a journey of Arabic Language that your child will fall in love with! [···]

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MS Arabic for Adults

SAIOI deals with the literary language that is used in writing, journalism, scientific institutions, conferences, and newspapers. This is also the language of Audio and Visual Broadcasts. Most of the Arab World understands this variant, and is the best option for anyone who wants to learn the language for academic purposes. [···]

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Different Arabic Dialects

TIt’s the dialects are spoken by the general public in the street, shops and markets. Smart Institute has teachers specialized in teaching colloquial dialects of Arabs in the best ways and means through the international network. [···]

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