Magic, Envy and its Cure in Islam

Envy is the sentiment of dissatisfaction and a wish to possess the belongings, characteristics and luck of someone else. Envy is considered as the main cause of unhappiness [···]

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Why should Muslims not celebrate Valentine’s Day in light of the Quran

As Valentine’s Day is nearing, the discussion of its celebration in Islam is a hot topic. So, here is our point of view based on Islam and the teachings of the Quran. [···]

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How learning Arabic illuminates your heart?

Do you know what the primary purpose of learning Arabic is? Most of the Muslims seek to learn Arabic for an improved understanding of the Quran. It is a holy book that is sent by Allah to the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) as a code to spend a worthy life for the entire Muslim Ummah till the Day of Judgment. [···]

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Easy Ways to Learn Arabic

Foreigners find it too challenging to learn the Arabic language. It is known as a global language because it is spoken as an official language in 27 countries of the world and a minority language in 6 others, hence its importance.. [···]

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Importance of learning Arabic

Have you ever thought of learning Arabic? If yes, then you might have known how difficult it is to learn and understand. Any foreign language speaker would find it difficult to learn Arabic because it has nothing in common with their native language. You might not know how important it is to learn this language. [···]

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Learning Arabic is now easy

We learn Arabic to understand the words of Allah (Quran) and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ, and to understand what we say in the prayer. It doesn’t feel nice to hear what the imam recites in prayer without understanding it. How can we be humb? [···]

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Explaining Surah Al-Fatiha – The Language of the Quran

One of the major reasons behind the popularity and propagation of the Arabic language is the Holy Quran. The Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, and the language of the Quran is the most eloquent and beautiful. [···]

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Translation of Islamic Prayer: What people recite in Salah (Namaz)?

Praying 5 times a day is obligatory for every Muslim, and these compulsory prayers are known as ‘Salah’ in Arabic. Most people and many Muslims don’t understand the meaning of what is recited during the prayer as the Salah is prayed entirely in Arabic. [···]

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Object Pronoun: Learn Arabic Grammar #3

I & Me are not similar or interchangeable. They have their different purposes and are used accordingly. “I” is the subject pronoun while “Me” is the object pronoun. It might not seem much to you, but hearing someone say “He helped I” instead of “He helped me” would definitely sound odd to you. [···]

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Possessive Subject Pronoun: Learn Arabic Grammar #2

In the previous lesson, we learn about the Subject pronouns. Unlike the words like I (أنا) or You (أنت) the words like “My” and “Your” doesn’t have a direct word replacement in Arabic. Instead of a word, a suffix is added to a verb to convey the same meaning. [···]

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Subject Pronouns: Learn Arabic Grammar #1

You and I will learn some of the pronouns today. Imagine speaking without using any of the subject pronouns (I, You, He, She, We, Us, They, Them), and you are going to have a hard time doing that. [···]

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English Words of Arabic Origin – 10 Most Used Words

Every living language borrows words from another language, and the relationship between Arabic and English is no different. In fact, you might be surprised to know that you know a lot of Arabic words already, and they are part of your everyday vocabulary. [···]

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Very Common Arabic Idioms, Proverbs & Similes

Like every other language Arabic is full of many idiomatic expressions. The diverse Arab culture provides an extensive list of pronouns that vary to a great extent across different cultures and regions. Knowing the basic idioms is important because they make up our everyday life [···]

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Family Members and Friends: Arabic Vocabulary

Family Relations and ancestors are respected a lot in the Arab World. People remember their lineage for many generations. Middle names of Arabs are usually the name of the father preceded by a “bin” or “ibn” in case of a boy, and “bint” in case of a girl [···]

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Arabic Calligraphy: The Beauty of Arabic Language

Arabic is a beautiful language, and one of its most prominent feature is the writing style. The Holy Quran was revealed in the Arabic language, and Muslims respect everything that has any association with the Prophet and the Quran.

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Arabic Names: The structure and meaning of Islamic Names

No matter where you live, you must have heard of someone named Mohammad, Abdullah, Ali or Omar. These are some of the most common Muslim Arabic names and are used by people from all parts of the world.

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The experience of learning a new language: Learn Arabic Series

A child learns to speak a new language over a period of time. It takes years for a child to learn to read and write. A child practices and improves the speaking capability through continuous practice. He/She commits errors when he/she starts to speak and slowly improves.

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Arabic Letters Which Are similar in Shape But Different in Meaning

It’s obvious for the students of the Arabic language that there are many letters which look like each other and very similar in the shape but totally different in meaning, pronunciation, and usage. [···]

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Most Common Calendar Months in Arab World

Due to a lot of reason, the names of months in Arabic calendar varies from region to region in the Arab World. Although, the Gregorian calendar is the one which is globally accepted for daily use, your location decides which calendar is being used in a particular region. [···]

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Arabic Numbers Days and Hours (English to Arabic)

Indians invented the number system, while the Arabs added a zero to it. Imagine the number system without a zero, and you would realise that it is extremely hard to count the numbers without having the iterative power of zero! [···]

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Eating Out – Common Arabic Words & Phrases Part 3

In this blog, you will learn about the common Arabic words and phrases that are used while you eat out in Arab countries. The cuisines of the Arab world are as diverse as the arab world itself. Most of the cuisines are centuries old and you must have heard about many of them [···]

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Arabic Courteous Phrases – Basics (Part 2)

Politeness and Courtesy are the traits that makes us human. It portrays us in a good light, and makes us likable. If you are learning the Arabic language, just visiting an Arab country, or just have an Arab friend or neighbor, you must familiarize yourself with these Common Arabic Courteous Phrases. [···]

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Most Common Arabic Phrases You Should Know (Part 1)

If you are planning to learn Arabic, then before you get into the deep grammatical structures of the Arabic language or start learning the colloquial Arabic, you should start with the most common greetings and phrases. [···]

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The Dialects of Arabic – Which one Should You learn?

Every language changes with the passage of time. The English language used by Shakespeare would sound archaic to modern English speakers, and the English a century before him would sound like an Alien Language. [···]

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Why Smart Arabic International Online Institute is the Right Choice for You!

Below given are the top 5 reasons why SAIOI is different from other Arabic teaching institutes to get to learn arabic online.

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Interesting Facts About Arabic Language

Arabic is one of the most in demand language across the globe. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Arabic language!

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Arabic and the Golden Age!

Throughout our history, some languages have dominated the world for a long period of time. The languages that dominate the world change with time and another language takes their place. [···]

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5 Ways Through Which You can Learn Arabic

Humans are special in many respects. Our capability to speak a language to share our thoughts, ideas and stories with others makes us superior to every other being on the planet. A child learns a language with practice. The child makes mistakes while learning the [···]

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The Wonders Of Arabic Language

“Classical Arabic, being the language of the Qur’an, has not changed at all in fourteen centuries, making the writings of the early Islamic scholars as accessible today as they were then.” [···]

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Learning a Language – Learning Arabic

Learning a language is a life changing experience. A language contains in itself a belief system, a culture and a worldview of its own. When you learn a new language, you open yourself to a new civilization with a rich literary heritage, history and ideals. [···]

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