The importance of learning Arabic language for Quraan and Sunnah comprehension

Some of our Muslim scientists – such as Al-Imam Al-Shafi – classified Muslims to some who are keen to study Quran and Sunnah, and others who aren’t. That was mentioned in his book Al-Resala page number 84, “every Muslim has to do his best to learn the language of Arabs so that he can testify that there’s no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his Messenger, read Quran and say Dhikr such as takbeer “Allahu Akbar”, tasbeeh “subhan Allah”, tashahud… etc”.

Al-Dhikr, then, is one of the religious duties, according to Al-Shafi. All Muslims have to say them in their original language. And since the religious rituals cannot be held without Dhikr, therefore learning Arabic has turned to be a must for each Muslim.

Then he said: “it’s always better for Muslims to learn the language of Quran and the language of the Prophet. They have to learn Salat and Dhikr in their original language”. Hence, after viewing A-Shafi’s opinion, we find that Muslims must learn Arabic language so that they can pray and say Al-Dhikr in Arabic.

Arabic is the language that Allah had chosen to be the language of his last Book, and the language of his beloved chosen Messenger – His peace and blessings be upon him.