Object Pronoun: Learn Arabic Grammar #3

I & Me are not similar or interchangeable. They have their different purposes and are used accordingly. “I” is the subject pronoun while “Me” is the object pronoun. It might not seem much to you, but hearing someone say “He helped I” instead of “He helped me” would definitely sound odd to you. “Me” in this case is an example of Object Pronoun. These basic grammatical differences come naturally to a native speaker, but a new learner finds it hard to distinguish between the two!

Subject pronouns work as the actors in a sentence. For example, the “I” in “I cook food” is an example of a subject pronoun as it is the doer. The object pronoun on the other hand is the one on whom the work is being done. So the “Me” in “He helped me” is an example of object pronoun as “He”, the subject pronoun is acting upon “Me”, the object pronoun.

In the first lesson we learned about the subject pronoun and how words like (I, You, He, They) can be translated into Arabic. In the next lesson we learned how possessive pronouns like (My, Your, His, There) does not have a direct word replacement in Arabic, and instead, a suffix is used after the words to convey the same meaning. In this lesson, we will learn about the object pronouns like (Me, Us, You, Him, Her, Them) and its Arabic version. The important thing is to remember that the one on whom the action is taking place is the object pronoun.

The object pronouns don’t have a direct word alternative, but are suffixes attached to a verb. So ساعد (SaAda) means he helped and adding a siffix ـني (ni) makes it ساعدني (SaAdni) meaning he helped me.

Example of Object Pronoun

The object pronouns are very much similar to the possessive pronouns and the difference becomes evident with the sentence structure. So, we will use the example of سأل to explain the difference.

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