Why Smart Arabic International Online Institute is the Right Choice for You!

Below given are the top 5 reasons why SAIOI is different from other Arabic teaching institutes to get to learn arabic online.

1. You will study Arabic from a teacher and not some video!

A real teacher will be teaching you live instead of a boring video lecture or text. At Smart Arabic International Online Institute, we believe that having a mentor who can guide through the learning process is very important. This is why our teachers teach every student individually with undivided attention and the courses are tailored to each student’s needs. Our highly qualified Arabic teachers have Mastered the Arabic language from the most reputed universities in the word and most of our teachers have degrees from the world-renowned Institute of higher learning – Al Azhar! The teacher assigned to you will strategically devise the course to optimize your learning and we try our best to make sure that our teachers will turn out to be better teachers than your favorite teacher!

2. Curricula and Study Material

We provide the Curriculum and the study material to the students free of cost. Our curriculum is devised according to the international standards and contains written documents and audio resources so that the student can develop listening and speaking skills alongside the ability to read and write. Our specially designed children’s curriculum is intended to make children fall in love with the language. The teachers for the Children’s program make the lessons enjoyable, more attractive and tailored to the needs of the children. We also have games for children to help them learn the language while playing!

3. The teaching Methodology!

Immersive language learning is the most effective way to learn any language. Many Arabic institutes still use the old and ineffective method of teaching that gives importance to grammar only. Most researches prove that the best way to learn a language is to learn it the way a child learns a language. We don’t make the language learning process boring by focussing entirely on grammar, instead, we try to develop language learning skill through “Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing” method. This style works wonders as it enables you to interact just like an Arab and at the same time, the fact that you can instantly apply the learned skills leaves no room for boredom. You can choose the course depending on your requirement. If you want to learn Arabic online to understand the Quran, then the Classical Arabic course is the best for you. The Egyptian Arabic is most suited for a cinema and film lover. For a businessman, the Business Arabic is most apt and would help anyone working in the Arab world to communicate easily.

4. You can get an Ijazah for the Quran!

Our Quran Teachers have ijazah from Sheikhs that connects them to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This means that you will learn the Quran from a sheikh who can track his learning through sheikh to the Prophet (PBUH). After completing, you will get an Ijazah and will also learn the names of the teachers and their teachers until the list reaches the prophet! You can also join the Tajweed session and learn Tajweed rules that will help you recite the Quran accurately.

5. Get a Free trial lesson!

We offer free trial lesson to anyone who wants to learn Arabic. You just need to register and inform the time you are available at, and we will arrange a one-on-one lesson with your teacher on Skype. You can chose the plan of your choice and can easily pay from the comforts of your home using Visa card, Master card, PayPal, or any other available means on our website. If you don’t like our lessons, then you can cancel your enrolment, and we will get a refund! Register now at at Smart Arabic International Online Institute and get a free trial lesson! https://saioi.net/register/?lid=8 Get a brief overview about SAIOI and its courses on homepage here.