Magic, Envy and its Cure in Islam

Envy is the sentiment of dissatisfaction and a wish to possess the belongings, characteristics and luck of someone else. Envy is considered as the main cause of unhappiness as it creates sadness over the feeling that we should have what the other person does have.

Magic is the use of convictions, ceremonies or activities rehearsed with the view that they can compel or control common or powerful creatures and powers. It allows affecting someone through strange and bizarre forces. It is the unexplainable ability to control the events of nature.

Types of envy

In general, there are two types of envy:

  • Malicious or true Envy
  • Benign Envy
Malicious or true envy

is suggested as the feeling of resentment to other person’s joy and achievement and in such state the envious person desires to inflict pain and to create failure in the life of fortunate person.

Benign Envy

Benign Envy is the acknowledgment of someone’s achievement, success and qualities and it encourages them to work for their desires instead of cursing the bestowed person.


There are said to be three types of magic based on the intention of the practitioner. These are:

  • White Magic
  • Black Magic
  • Grey Magic
White Magic

White magic is practiced with the purpose to benefit humanity. The proponents of white magic argue that they perform such rituals to heal and to bless other people.

Black Magic

Black magic as its name suggests the counter-part of the white magic. It involves the use of supernatural forces and rituals to perform evil activities as it is done under the feeling of resentment and hatred and is practiced to cause harm to someone else.

Grey Magic

Grey magic is the neutral magic which is neither performed for hostile reasons nor for the benefit of others.

Envy in Islam

Or do they envy [other] people due to what Allah has provided them from His blessings

Or do they envy [other] people due to what Allah has provided them from His blessings Quran | Chapter 4, Verse 54

The synonym for envy in Islam is Hasad which is an Arabic word. It originates from ḥa-sa-da which is ‘to be unhappy that someone should acquire a blessing or happiness and to desire that blessing or happiness to be taken away from that person and should be transferred from him to oneself. It is regarded as the disease of heart because it invokes more negative feelings like hypocrisy, abusing, lying and backbiting which are all serious sins.

Magic in Islam

In Quran, two meanings have been given for the word magic. In the first meaning, magic means to deceive through imagination which is not real. According to the second meaning, it refers to attract Satan and seeking help from him.

Some verses of the Qur’an suggest that specific types of magic may produce an impact, like this verse, which says:

Even then men learned from these two, magic by which they might cause a disconnection between a man and his wife Quran | Verse 102

Accordingly, all the Islamic jurists have affirmed that it is strictly forbidden in Islam to learn and to practice magic.

Effect of the Surat Al Baqarah on the magic and the enchanted

It has been narrated that whoever recites first four verses of Surah Al Baqarah, Ayat ul Kursi (2:255) along with two verses after that and last three verses of the said Surah, the person will be protected and cured from all the evil.

Protecting yourself and family from magic and envy

Protection from Magic:

You can protect yourself and family from magic by reciting the following:

  • Allah Almighty’s name
  • Ayat Al Kursi
  • Surah Ikhlas, Surah Al Falaq and Surah Al-Naas
  • Surah Al Fatiha
Protection from Envy:

According to Islam, effects of envy can be removed through

  • Recitation of Surah Al Falaq and Surah Al-Naas
  • Prayer and Supplication
  • Ablution

May Allah Pak protect us all from the evil emotions like envy which results in the vile outcomes i.e. black magic.