The best way to Teach a Language

In the field of teaching Arabic language to non-Arabs, we have a 16-year experience. During these years we found that the thing that students always fear is the Grammar. Educational institutes always care about teaching grammar rules, instead of allowing the student to acquire, understand and practice them. Personally, I can’t forget those students that came from their countries with many memorized rules, but without knowing how to use them in the actual speech.

Hence, we decided to read more and more scientific researches, and we found out that the best way to learn language’s grammar rules, is to acquire them. Linguists have decided that to learn a language accurately, it’s better to use “Child’s Way”. A child gains the language of his mother. He doesn’t consider any rules, because he earns them without studying them separately, and later on, he starts to emphasize his linguistic abilities followed up by specialists, until he’s completely mastering the language. That’s of great use; student never forgets what he learns! He doesn’t get rules to memorize, he practices words and sentences with his teacher until he becomes fluent.

That’s what we do in

Is that method useful? When do results are shown up?

This method is very useful. It has scientifically proved its efficiency. We’ve been using it for ten years and it was very successful!

The results are usually shown up within three months like the following:

1) If you’re level is elementary, you’ll be able to speak quiet good in three months.

2) In only one year, you’ll be fluent.

That’s what we do! We don’t want you to spend time and money in useless things. We named that method “The Natural Way”.