The Egyptian teacher is considered the best whom teach Quran, why?

1) He doesn’t teach Quran unless he has Ijazah with a continuous chain of narrators from the prophet Mohammed –peace & blessing of Allah be upon him.

2) He doesn’t teach Quran until he’s examined in all Tajweed rules and sounds.

3) He uses excellent and professional ways of interaction during teaching the small ones.

4) He cares about every single detail. He makes the student just as professional as himself.

5) His field of studies in the university must has been in the Arabic language, its related sciences and literature.

6) We, at, give our teachers an intensive training to use technology to ease non-Arab students’ learning journey.

7) We, at, are determined to teach Quran in the best way, because we consider it an honesty and a responsibility that we must live up to.

8) We, at, care about facilitating Quran studying. That would make learning more enjoyable for the student.

9) We, at, have special teachers who have licenses (ijazat) in the 10 reading ways.

10) With us you’ll be able to learn Quran accurately and have Ijazah! And then teach it in your community and spread Allah’s word.